Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Salem Framework & Social

Social may well underpin (if not entirely define) the next generation of enterprise collaboration solutions for many organisations. Indeed social includes a plethora of new and exciting features, services and possibilities which may be harnessed and adopted quickly and organically by any business audience. It is great to learn that the Salem™ framework applies perfectly to the latest business-social technology stack. Microsoft purchased Yammer™ in the summer of 2012 and is the perfect platform for building a private business-social network. Microsoft is currently applying a dynamic cycle of integration with the latest version of SharePoint and Office 365. Organisations which have already embraced the social enterprise or are now thinking of doing so may well be expecting some big business ‘wins’. However it is important to remember that the critical, strategic business issues remain the same – how to align chosen technologies with the organisation to deliver a defined roadmap of logical, inter-related, sequential, well-adopted business services whilst applying effective, over-arching business governance?

There are many current debates regarding whether to take a SharePoint-social route which includes its own social tools or the Yammer-social route due to the overlap in features and functionality but be careful of defining the business strategy through technology function alone. The Salem™ framework is the perfect strategic companion and overlay to any business strategy program that seeks to integrate social and therefore assists in defining and aligning a cohesive strategic approach with both the social enterprise and the more formal, traditional ECM and EDRMS environments. For those seeking a truly cohesive strategic business approach that can encompass, transcend and yet combine the benefits of the social enterprise with the power of the SharePoint enterprise platform, Salem™ is the business framework for the professional strategist.

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